COUNTRY: SENEGAL exact location: Rural Community Mbane, Departamento de Dagana, Región de Saint Louis.

SOCIO LOCAL: MBan Producers Association and Rural Community Mbane.

FINANCING: AECID and equity 350.000 Euros

PERFORMING & Auto A: 2010 – 2012

The project has created a support center for improving agricultural yields. The problem in the area is the use of traditional exploitation techniques together with the scarce training and technification of the sector, making their yields very low., in an area where food production is very deficient. To contribute to agricultural and livestock improvement we have worked in three areas: the utilization & oacute; n quality plants produced in greenhouses; improved breeds of sheep, goats and cattle to increase meat and milk yields by controlled crossing thereof and implantation of small systems to manufacture the product, which add value to them. The project at its completion is self-sustaining and managed by the Association of producers of Mban.