The group waiting for the plane's departure

28 of August 2017.- Senegal have already reached participantsFamily Solidarity Camp III Cooperates. A group of several adults with their children, nephews and grandchildren young teenagers have to live an adventure 15 days working in voluntary work in the field and live a unique and enriching experience, both personally and socially and culturally. The group will work with local youth in Saly Velingara, both tasks helps the community and educational workshops that promote cultural exchange.

One of the work planned by the group will be the adequacy of schools in the town -two public schools and Daara-they need to improve facilities and, especially, a coat of paint. Is about: public nursery school which lacks funds to clean up their facilities, in which they painted the wall that surrounds the walls of the bathrooms and classrooms;  Elementary Public School, where there is also a lot to do like painting the bathrooms differentiating between boys and girls, the hole, the teachers' room; and finallyla Daara de Mohamed

The Quranic Daaras are the houses where the children live Talibé. It is easy to access. But nevertheless, Mohamed this summer will let the participants campemento of Coopera work with children Daara painting the area where they sleep and pray and doing some arreglillo more. And all this while we share with them a time of mutual learning, Talibé because the kids like to learn, español, play football and are very crafty reusing materials, so that together we learn to recycle what they have on hand to give a useful use.

Also in the town of Saly Valingara, Cooperates has the facilities of one of one of its projects, the school 'Garderie Arc en Ciel'.  Several days a week, divided into age groups, I was hanprogramado activities with students and mothers of school have formed an association of women active. Ingless classes, French and Spanish, works with recycled material, workshops basic hygiene and Spanish cuisine, Ultimately sports workshops ..., the idea is to do direct work in coexistence with the locals; and at one point, help in whatever it takes.


All participants have departed from Spain with suitcases to the top, full of clothes and shoes for children Talibé, school supplies, some medicines, materials for making crafts ... a bit of everything.

In addition to these projects, sure there will be new things to do and learn. Africa must leave room for improvisation and let go.


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