Project localization: Eje Al Kef a Kasserine. Tunisia

Cofinanaciación: UNICRI. European Union

Budget: 80.000 euros

Local partner: Cooperates Tunisie and AhlemToufoula Association

Beneficiaries: 1.600 young people between 14 Y 30 años

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Cooperates began his career in Tunisia with this project designed to arouse enthusiasm among young people to learn and inspire ideas through the values ​​of their own culture that will help them, at the same time, to create a source of development.

One of the tools that we use from Coopera is education for development, in this case through culture, which is one of the pillars of the project. Cooperates intervention in Tunisia is the operation of a mobile multidisciplinary cultural center to facilitate training and participation of young people in the area of ​​action.

It is an adaptable mobile project, which will travel by local populations in the axis Al Kef to Kasserine. Since this mobile unit training workshops will be promoted, local musical performances and other cultural activities. The project aims to develop skills among young people that allows them to enter the labor market, besides enabling them to take their time and return on investment of the materials used.

The target group consists of young -men and women- rural area formed by the axis Al Kef to Kasserine with low-medium level studies and unemployed long-term. It is estimated that 1.350 j & oacute; veins (55% are women and 45% be men) will be the beneficiaries of this project gift of culture will be the 'vehicle' that leads to acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity and better structuring of society.

In Tunisia we are now with a complicated political and social context, where young people are most affected. With a youth unemployment rate of 50%, the country has a generation of young people without job prospects and, specifically, Kasserine is one of the poorest cities in the country, with a somewhat unemployment rate.

Like other interior regions of Tunisia, the governorate of Kasserine has been marginalized for decades with respect to its neighbors, largely as a result of policies based on tourism and export. Hence the unemployment rate reaching nearly 23%, in front of 15% at the national level, illiteracy and the 32% (18,8%), according to the population census 2014. Regional indices and human development are the lowest in the country. School failure is also very high.

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Youth Project in Tunisia

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