Seville cartel charity dinner

The Real Club de Tenis Betis and Sevilla Giralda Rotary Club have organized a charity dinner to support a health care project for children I talibé (*) Senegal. The dinner will take place on 13 June at the premises of the Tennis Club at Betis 20.30 euros. Also dinner, a 28 covered euros, there will be live music and a raffle shirt and ball signed by players of Betis and Sevilla.

East event comes at the initiative of the Rotary Club Sevilla Giralda, Royal Club Tennis Betis and Seville cooperating Pablo Rodriguez Lopez of the River (from ONGD Cooperate) which it is directly responsible for this cooperation project, whose specific objective is to improve the health of these children. For this it provides for the training of local healthcare professionals in order to provide specific health care for these children who, than, because of his precarious situation, suffer serious infectious diseases digestive, respiratory and skin of many types, especially scabies.

But In addition, the project aims to restore dignity to these children whose living conditions violate all international conventions Respect for the Rights of the Child.

The counterpart to cooperate in this project is the Maison de la Gare in the town of Saint Louis,a reception center where children can find peace talibé, clean up and recover from the situation of street.

(*) Who are the children Talibé?

They are children between 4 Y 18 years originating zone inside Senegal, Guinea, Gambia, Mauritania o Mali, highly vulnerable and socially excluded, They are living in schools Koranic or Daaras mainly in the large cities of Senegal, Dakar there Saint Louis.  These children are handed over by their parents to leaders religious or marabouts thinking that access to a better life when reality It is just begging on the streets and suffer abuse of all kinds. The all they do throughout their childhood and puberty, until the 18 years is beg for money, sugar, flour or meal for tutors, marabouts or Quranic teachers and memorize one book, the Koran. They're not here school, They do not learn the basic skills to function in society (read, to write, French, some math, etc.), They're not here registered in the public health systems, They live in solitary semislavery in Koranic schools or Daaras, They have no access to latrines and sleep without mattresses crammed into dormitories, or windows.