December period. 2016-nov. 2017 / Localización: The Rioja 
Budget: 14.600 € / Financia: And Government cooperate Rio

5º Target is a project that refers to ODS (Objective of sustainable development) nº 5: Gender equality and empowerment of women and girls. This ODS is closely attached to the 4th (Education), Without access to education and training equality is impossible to achieve this objective 5th. Through various activities closer to the citizens of this ODS Rioja and the reality of women in many parts of the world. This project is part of the initiative Watch and Think Cooperates you want to do “look and think” people through photographs, objects and different activities.


Melo Jiguen exhibition in the center of Logroño Cultural Ibercaja, Drop in Milk Logroño. Exhibition Come into my School Facilities World 82 Logroño and school Villa Patro de Logroño and in the event Logroño Butterfly Effect and Exhibition Center Ibercaja in Calle San Anton de Logroño. Also in September we were at the weekend Navarrete Solidarity with information on the reintegration of child victims of sexual violence in DR Congo. Alongside these exhibitions have showcased the tent 5th Objective and explanatory tarps project.

We also have two talks on these issues were held at the drop of milk and in the center of Logroño Old Town.

All this information has been able to follow through application and Think Look implemented for this project and available at

From the app you can follow links to different pages of interest related to the subject and also videos about empowerment and status of women in many parts of the world:

Empoderamiento woman


Metas 5º ODS

Differences between ODS and ODM