A solidarity revolution


Winners of collection Weekend Solidarity Navarrete (The Rioja)

3 de septiembre de 2017.- Coopera, con su proyecto de asistencia a niñas víctimas de violencia sexual en la R.D. del Congo, ha sido la ONGD ganadora de la recaudación del fin de semana solidario que se ha celebrado este fin de seemana en Navarrete (The Rioja).  Con esta recaudación podremos seguir ayudando a nuestras compañeras en la R.D. del Congo y a las niñas acogidas a este programa.

Todo el equipo de Coopera agradecemos al Ayuntamiento de Navarrete que nos haya invitado a participar en este evento, porque ha sido una oportunidad unica para dar a conocer nuestro proyecto y que más riojanos pueden conocer lo que hacemos las ONG riojanas. also, damos las gracias de corazón a todas las personas que pasaron por nuestro stand y decidieron votar por nuestro proyecto.

also, felicitamos al Ayuntamiento de Navarrete por esta magnífica iniciativa, por la coordinada organización del evento y por la atención que recibimos en todo momento las 4 ONG que fuimos invitadas: Kaipacha Inti, Cáritas, Medicus Mundi y Coopera.



Cooperates ONGD presents his exhibition 'Melo Jiguen' Ibercaja room in Logroño

Logroño, 4 de septiembre 2017. La Sala de Exposiciones Ibercaja (San Antón 3, Logroño) acoge desde hoy hasta el 16 de septiembre ‘Melo Jiguen’, la última exposición fotográfica de Coopera ONGD. La directora del Centro Cultural Ibercaja, Maite Ciriza, y el director de Coopera, David Chimeno, han inaugurado esta mañana esta muestra, que es como un diálogo lleno de color y sensaciones con un grupo de mujeres senegalesas. La autora de estas imágenes es la fotógrafa Mercedes Vall, quien realizó estas fotografías en la localidad senegalesa de Malicounda durante su viaje al país como voluntaria de la ONGD Coopera.

Melo Jiguen significa ‘Color de Mujer’ en wolof (mother tongue of many people in Senegal).  A través de 22 fotografías nos muestra la realidad de las mujeres en esta zona de Senegal, his job, their everyday objects, the colorful dresses. Portraits are a personal dialogue between the author and models. Son imágenes llenas de sensibilidad y color que, sometimes, look pictures

Mercedes Vall, voluntaria de la ONGD Coopera y fotógrafa de corazón, capta como nadie la belleza y el alma de las cosas cotidianas, transmite su experiencia y sensaciones en cada una de las fotografías que integran esta muestra.

La exposición ‘Melo Jiguen’ se enmarca en el proyecto de sensibilización ‘Mira y Piensa’ de la ONGD Coopera,  que está formado por un total de 9 módulos expositivos,  siendo esta muestra la última que ha sido incorporada al ciclo.

In 2017, ‘Mira y Piensa’ se centra en sensibilizar sobre el 5º Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible: ‘La igualdad de género y el empoderamiento de mujeres y niñas’.  Es un proyecto patrocinado por el Gobierno de la Rioja a través del cual queremos familiarizar a la sociedad con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y el trabajo de las ONGD riojanas.

Family solidarity begins Cooperates camp in Senegal

The group waiting for the plane's departure

28 of August 2017.- Senegal have already reached participants Family Solidarity Camp III Cooperates. A group of several adults with their children, nephews and grandchildren young teenagers have to live an adventure 15 days working in voluntary work in the field and live a unique and enriching experience, both personally and socially and culturally. The group will work with local youth in Saly Velingara, both tasks helps the community and educational workshops that promote cultural exchange.

One of the work planned by the group will be the adequacy of schools in the town -two public schools and Daara-they need to improve facilities and, especially, a coat of paint. Is about: The Public nursery school it lacks funds to clean up their facilities, in which they painted the wall that surrounds the walls of the bathrooms and classrooms;  Elementary Public School, where there is also a lot to do like painting the bathrooms differentiating between boys and girls, the hole, the teachers' room; and finally la Daara de Mohamed.

The Quranic Daaras are the houses where the children live Talibé. It is easy to access. But nevertheless, Mohamed this summer will let the participants campemento of Coopera work with children Daara painting the area where they sleep and pray and doing some arreglillo more. And all this while we share with them a time of mutual learning, Talibé because the kids like to learn, Español, play football and are very crafty reusing materials, so that together we learn to recycle what they have on hand to give a useful use.

Also in the town of Saly Valingara, Cooperates has the facilities of one of one of its projects, the school 'Garderie Arc en Ciel'.  Several days a week, divided into age groups, I was hanprogramado activities with students and mothers of school have formed an association of women active. Ingless classes, French and Spanish, works with recycled material, workshops basic hygiene and Spanish cuisine, Ultimately sports workshops ..., the idea is to do direct work in coexistence with the locals; and at one point, help as needed.

All participants have departed from Spain with suitcases to the top, full of clothes and shoes for children Talibé, school supplies, some medicines, materials for handicrafts…a bit of everything.

In addition to these projects, sure there will be new things to do and learn. Africa must leave room for improvisation and let go.


More information on family solidarity camp Cooperates





exposure “Come into my school” Colegio Villa Patro in Logrono

Children of the CEIP Villa Patro in the Exhibition Come into my School. Attend explanations about the exhibition.

Villa Patro de Logroño College has hosted these days exposure Come into my Cooperates School. The show ended 6 June with small talk and participation of all students. Children of all courses have been “enter our school”, ask your questions, sit in the classroom and touching objects.

It is a playful and participatory experience that we seek to raise awareness of universal access to education. It is therefore recognized as a fundamental right and the 4th goal of sustainable development. The goal is that all children can go to a school with good conditions. As a result they have adequate training and may choose and own their future, away from poverty. This is what you are looking Cooperates in the countries where its projects based on education cooperaicón. Senegal is one of these countries, and that is reflected in this exhibition. But it could be a school of any other African country and many other parts of the world.

  niños y niñas de infantil del CEIP Villa Patro en la exposición Entra en mi Escuela

Two moments of the day with children of nursery and primary schools CEIP Villa Patro

The exhibition has been seen in this facility since the day 23 of May. During this time teachers and students have passed through our little school and have lived with it. he 6 June could share their experiences and questions with us. It is Sensitization activity sponsored by the Government of La Rioja. Within our project 5th Goal, this year we want sensiblizar around equality and empowerment of women and girls. Due, speak Access To Education on equal terms it is essential.

From Cooperates we want to thank this opportunity that has offered us CEIP Villa Patro. Our goal is that young and younger approach the world of cooperation and solidarity. We create exhibitions and playful and participatory experiences so that they can make it happen.

It is shown that we remember the 10 % what we read, A 20 % what we see and 90 % what we say and do. That is why our exhibitions and activities seek maximum interaction and participation. In “Come into my school” we explain the reality of other children, but we also want the public to participate, that between, it feels, touch and ask. Children of Villa Patro have entered our school and have lived an experience you will remember and share with your inner circle.

Watch and Think ' It is an awareness project that uses the photographic language or images to provoke reflection on the world around us. This exhibition series was conceived among our volunteers who wanted to mostar the rest of society different 'lives' they had met through their participation in various labor camps. The photographs themselves did, the letters and mails sent to friends and family, as well as other texts such as travel journals or diaries, They constituted the raw material of these exposures. Also it objects brought from South these became part of the cycle, because they are a reflection of that reality we want you to look and think, because LEARN TO WATCH IS LEARNING TO THINK.

The success of this activity is its way of transmitting. The photographs were taken by volunteers from our labor camps in Peru, Mexico, Angola, Senegal o la R. D. del Congo; son, Therefore, images made with the aim and heart. Normally, the staging of these images complemented with personal belongings of the protagonists brought from there by volunteers, such as toys made by children in Angola, tables and desks Senegalese schools, work tools Women Congo or Guatemala ...

Actually, Cycle 'Look and Think' consists of ten samples. Luis Miguel Belvis, Ana Rita Rodrígues and Mercedes Vall are the authors of photographic samples.

Cooperates already preparing another very visual and interactive exhibition on iguadad gender and empowerment Women with the support of the Government of La Rioja. What is it and why is it important? 5º TARGET It is the title of this new sample.

We invite all schools, associations and organizations that are interested in these activities to consult us without commitment info@cooperaong.org or tl. 941 237 655


Exhibition and talk Melo Jiguen of Coopera ONGD in Logroño

Throughout the month of May you can see the exhibition Melo Jiguen (Color Women) at the youth center Logroño Milk Drop (Street 11 June No. 2). This activity is included in the initiative “the Viajateca” This young center, in which, Saturday 20 also he gave a talk-gathering around this exhibition and the reality of women in Senegal by Mercedes Vall.

Mercedes Vall He traveled as a volunteer to a labor camp of the NGO Coopera in Senegal during the year 2015 and there made all the photographs that make up this sample. In the gathering told us this experience, his creative process and a guided tour of the exhibition. Melo Jiguen means "Color of Women" Wolof (mother tongue of many people in Senegal). It is the title of an exhibition by 22 photographs shows us the reality of women in Senegal, his job, their everyday objects, the colorful dresses. Portraits are a personal dialogue between the author and models. Images full of sensitivity and color, sometimes, look pictures.

                             Mercedes Vall en un momento de su charla       Cuaatro photos with details of work objects.

Mercedes Vall at a time of his talk and alguan of the photos that are part of the exhibition Melo Jiguen in Logroño Drop Milk.


This exhibition is part of the initiative Watch and Think Coopera which focuses this year on the 5th goal of sustainable development: "Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls". It is a project which is sponsored by the Government of La Rioja and which wants to bring people to the ODS (Sustainable Development Goals).

In 2015 world leaders adopted a joint and global targets for poverty eradication, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new development agenda sosteble. They have been marked 17 objectives covering different aspects such as biodiversity, health or technologies, but always with the human being as the center. Within these objectives, Cooperates espcialemen is set in the 5th to develop this project. We want to raise awareness of the iguadad gender and empowerment of women and girls through our exhibitions and activities. This is an unattainable goal without taking into account another objective. 4th, that speaks of quality education accessible to all children, regardless of gender.

Imagen de dos niñas africanas portando agua y los 17 ODS

This activity is part of the cycle Look and think that Cooperates, Since 2003, about the reality of many people in countries like Senegal, Guatemala, R.D. Congo and Ecuador through images and objects that bring their projects volunteers. This initiative is sponsored by the Government of La Rioja. Exposure images have been printed in Fotoprix.

Cooperates in the Interschool Football Tournament Goal Solidario

Cooperates in the Interschool Football Tournament Goal Solidario. Cartel activity with the image of a child.

On Sunday 21 Cooperates May participated in the Interschool Football Tournament Goal Solidario, a soccer tournament for players to 8 años. It is an initiative of the College Football Logroño.

This year involved more than 400 children of different teams in the field of World 82 Achievement CHILD. For this reason organization dedicated to the public a space to NGOs to hacercarlas. Cooperates was present with his tent-exposure “Come into my school”.

For three years the College Football Logroño wanted to make this tournament solidarity. As a result each year invites NGOs and offers them the opportunity to approach a family audience. In addition, all goals scored in the day are transformed into euros for these NGOS. At least 2000 people between participants and familes could know the work of Coopera, IFCS, YMCA, the Cancer Association or NGO Civil Guard.

Cooperates particlpó for the third year in this activity. Uniting sport and solidarity is a very attractive and interesting to bring the youngest to the world of cooperation idea. Furthermore, not only the younger ones are attracted, but also parents, mothers and some grandparents who came to the solidarity tents.

Come into my tent School seeks to arouse the curiosity of the smallest. Why children enter, They sit on desks and discover how are schools in countries such as Senegal. But all in a fun, from curiosity and creativity. In addition this time they were aware that their goals will be transformed into euros to help others.

We are at a time when certain violent attitudes make us question football. But initiatives like this we reconcile with the sport. For this reason the gradecemos College Football Logroño this opportunity. We also highlight how to promote sport with respect and basic values ​​in their students.

Presentación del Torneo Interescuelas Gol Solidario con miembros de las ongs participantes, la Escuela de Fútbol de Logroño y Javier Merino. Carpa Entra en mi Escuela de Coopera en el Torneo Interescuelas Gol Solidario

Entrega de los cheques solidarios a las ongs participantes en el Torneo Interescuelas Gol Solidario Niños y padres en la "escuela" de Coopera en el Torneo Interescuelas Gol Solidario

Images of the day in the field of World 82.

The camp gates World 82 They were opened to 9,30 h. in the morning. The matches started at 10. At noon compartinos together a meal in an excellent atmosphere.

After games of late day it closed at 19 h. A small ceremony trophy and check for each of the participating NGOs. To close the prizes were awarded to the winning teams, although all received recognition, as it sought to reward especially the participation and sportsmanship.

The tent-exposure “Come into my school” It is part of the cycle Watch and Think Cooperates. This unique exhibition will próximente at different points like school VillaPatro.

SOS Ukraine will be the beneficiary of 'solidarity rounding’ Atrápalo during the month of May

SOS Ukraine

Solidarity Rounding travel agency 'Atrápalo’ of May will support 'SOS Ukraine', a program designed to help children who suffer the consequences of war that exists in that country, with 3,7 million people affected, 2,9 million people without regular access to drinking water, 500.000 Children at risk for polio and other 1,5 millions of children who suffer from cuts in access to regular education, among other data.

Ukraine Project SOS child smiling touching a ball of the world.



Because of the war and the country's poverty, in Ukraine there are many children living in orphanages and in difficult circumstances. about 80% of these children have a parent but encounter serious problems, as extremely poor, disease, alcoholism, drug addiction, in prison or related abuse. To meet 16 años, These children are on the street and most end up being victims of the mafias, prostitution and crime.

Because of this reality, and at the request of the Ukrainian Government, Ukraine SOS program was created, forming and helps children Orphanage-Sanatorium Zhuravno, in the Lviv region, West of Ukraine. One of the actions of the program is to provide these children a temporary host families from other countries, an experience that gives them positive references, good models and values ​​that can only be received properly in the family environment. The fact feel loved and valued, as one family, It provides children's self-esteem and stability necessary for proper personal development and to face the difficulties of integration in a society with many problems. the project's goals do not end with the reception, but bonding with family enables continuity of support and provides opportunities to prepare the desired hopeful future.


Project SOS child in an orphanage Ukraine.

The results of this program are highly positive for all, children and families. since 12 years have gotten over 300 Children leave this circle of poverty and are now professionals in their country with a dignified life.

Rounding of May, in the travel category, It will cover part of the travel expenses of 28 children from the orphanage this summer, when they travel to Spain to be hosted by different families of Catalonia, within which they will receive that love and family warmth, which provides them with educational referents facing a bright future.

SOS Children of Ukraine project an orphanage playing in the snow

Rounding solidarity are those cents more you can donate to make a purchase. In Atrápalo They undertake to fold and destine to social causes.

Además de SOS Ukraine, vhelpCooperates projects.



Lundbeck employees Spain Cooperates choose a project to support its annual fundraising campaign

Laboratory workers Lundbeck España S.A. They have selected the NGO Coopera project 'Assistance to victims of sexual violence in R.D. Congo ', to support it in its annual fundraising campaign.

Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company for treating diseases of the central nervous system based in Barcelona. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, are the employees themselves who propose charitable projects that support; and after an internal vote, You can choose by a majority one which will work for one year. Through this system, better known in the world of CSR as 'maching gift', employees donate a monthly fixed amount is deducted from your payroll. Thanks to initiatives like this, NGOs can continue to run social projects and humanitarian aid.

The project presented by Coopera, the most voted by company employees, He was born in response to a wave of horrific sexual assaults against girls, even under 2 años, in R.D. del Congo. Although in this country the sexual violence against women has been used since long systematically, the wave of violations as little girls managed to raise alarm throughout the community.

The assistance program provides each victim Cooperates medical and psychological care immediately. In the aftermath, the treatment protocol gives way to other long-term actions as psychological group therapy, medical monitoring and education of the child; psychosocial support to the families of the victims and awareness among the population to prevent and avoid these attitudes in the future.

It has affected a lot in therapy, but much remains to be done in this area. Thanks to the help of Lundbeck we can improve the 'Casa tracks', to meet 25 girls in individual therapy. We can also identify a greater number of underage victims in the most affected areas.

In Cooperates NGOs greatly appreciate this kind of particular initiatives that reinforce our fellow morally in R.D. of Congo in its commendable fight to help these girls victims of sexual assault and humiliating treatment. It should be borne in mind that everything related to sexual violence in Congo is very difficult to handle, both so sensitive the issue for society in general, and the consequences that entails for the victim, who besides aggression, You may suffer stigmatization and discrimination by complete family.

If you are a business and are interested in supporting Cooperates, lee Here's how you can articulate such collaboration.

Cooperates and Peace Fund reunites the communities of Oaxaca

'Access to clean, safe water for families in the community of Santa Maria de las Nieves’ It is the new project they have started to work Cooperates and Mexican NGO Fund Paz, in region Chinantla in the State of Oaxaca. Cooperates intervention in this area is not new to Cooperates, since a few years ago he developed several projects aimed at indigenous communities in Oaxaca in different localities of the province.

This time has been the support the municipality of Berriozar (Navarre) which it has allowed to carry out this new intervention, which it began last February, and which will involve a 48 people 11 family.

The project aims to provide 22.000 liters of water for human consumption through tanks 1.100 liter water filters with a capacity of 20 liters, for a total of 80 people in the community of Santa Maria de las Nieves. also, training and home visits with their play materials and constant accompaniment of team Peace Fund will be made, Our local partner, It is working with indigenous communities in Oaxaca since 10 años.

All actions Peace Fund carried out together with indigenous communities are based on a participatory planning process, that is to say, through this methodology engages people at all times, so that communities are those who embody and identify their development needs; then each subject has planning committees and commissions. also, the field technician of the institution belongs to the ethnic Chinanteca, native speaker and original language of the region, which breaks the cultural barrier.

The beneficiaries are families in poverty and high poverty risk. Oaxaca is one of the states that has major deficiencies and gaps in education, bless you, basic services, feeding, social Security, among others. according to the National Council for Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL), Oaxaca food poverty ranks fourth nationally in multidimensional poverty and thirdly in terms of economic dependence and; this based on families lack purchasing power stable and / or permanent, potentiated in rural areas and inaccessible. communities have high rates of social exclusion and educational; he 85% of the population is living in poverty, and a 99% in at least one social deprivation. Income is below the baseline of being in a 75% and lack of basic services exceeds 78%, so the shortcomings are exposed which makes them vulnerable population. Equally, the locations where it will directly affect the present project are in areas of high and very high marginalization as well as being within the Program for the Development of Priority Zones (PDZP) and the national crusade against hunger (CNH), government programs respectively.

Gallery V BTT Carlos Coloma with Cooperates ONGD

Through this image gallery We have tried to summarize everything that gave him the day yesterday. Not all photos are not all people. This is only a selection as it is impossible to publish all that is coming and we are sharing in social networks, in relation to the V BTT Marcha Solidaria Carlos Coloma cooperates with NGOs.

Once again I thank you for making the V Marcha BTT an incredible journey.

You can see the draw of gifts by clicking here to see if your back is among the winners. LUCK!

Thanks to Champion Carlos Coloma and his entire team, to the 50 Cooperates volunteers, volunteers of Red Cross and other organizations involved in the race, our sponsors and supporters and the 550 participants. Thank you all for your contribution to the project helps girls vícimas violence in R.D. del Congo.