You MARK YOU YOUR FUTURE. Cooperates and La Caixa Social Work together for training unemployed women.


Cooperates ONGD has enjoyed the sponsorship of the Social Work of La Caixa for the development of your project marks your future. This initiative has been developed over 2017 riojanas in five locations, reaching a total of 83 women who have improved their personal skills in areas such as self-esteem or time management. This is a project that Cooperates has been developing for five years and this time they wanted to take up rural areas. For it has enjoyed the cooperation of municipalities and their social services.

Locations where courses have been developed have been Navarrete, Rincón de Soto, Santo Domingo, Murillo and Albelda. The training consisted of 28 teaching hours were given in 6 sessions. It has received infrastructure and material donated by the councils themselves support and the project has been developed in collaboration with people who are part of social services in these localities. Through workers and social workers have contacted women and formed groups.

Training has been carried out by E-I mocionado, Riojan cluster dedicated to emotional intelligence and experienced in teaching. The courses have been developed between February and October with a positive balance. The assessment at the end of the course indicates that it has been a very positive experience for all women, who demand more attention and activities in their respective localities. All participants have received at the end of the course a certificate of participation in it.

Cooperates with these training projects aims to contribute to improving the situation of many women in our environment. Getting a job is a social and cultural expectation acquired since childhood and reinforced at school and the nearby environment. Unemployment and insecurity cause a devaluation against the other, especially the family and create contacts break with the social environment and labor.


In this link you can see the video you mark your future that sums up the spirit of this initiative.





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