Winners of collection Weekend Solidarity Navarrete (The Rioja)

3 Cooperates September 2017.-, with its project to assist victims of sexual violence in R.D. del Congo, ONGD has won the solidarity fund of the end of week which was held this weekend in Navarrete seemana (The Rioja).  With this collection we can continue to help our partners in the R.D. the Congo and the girls welcomed this program.

Cooperates whole team thank the City of Navarrete who has invited us to participate in this event, because it has been a unique opportunity to present our project and more riojanos can know what we do in La Rioja NGOs. also, We give heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our stand and decided to vote for our project.

also, We congratulate the City of Navarrete for this magnificent initiative, coordinated by the organization of the event and the attention we received at all times 4 We were invited NGOs: Kapcha Inti, Caritas, World physician y cooperit.



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