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One more year, and they go 6, We are preparing everything for this sport and solidarity party. he 29 of April to 9 Morning departure will Marcha BTT Carlos Coloma with Cooperates from Palacio de los Deportes in Logroño, where throughout the morning there will be animation, music and children's gymkhana. We share this day with Carlos Coloma, who he is at his best sporting moment. The marchers will run alongside and share the trails and landscapes that he trains daily. Addition of these tours are what make the Bike Race in La Rioja to be held in May.
We have several aid stations and a final banquet to which are invited all participants and their family or friends.


You can sign up easily on this link Rockthesport. Until the day 16 April the price of registration is 15 € for federated and 17 € for non-federated (Of the 17 al 27 April the price is 5 € more). There is also a special enrollment that includes a pack of three bottles of wine solidarity-PART, a great breeding Viña Bujanda Rioja with the best flavor and which helps many people, as 1,80 € each bottle are intended for educational projects of the NGO Coopera. This is the wine that will offer the final test agape and can see and buy in

If you can not participate in our Marcha BTT and you want to help you can sign in Dorsal 0 with input you want. Any help is important!

Bike Club Coloma has designed two routes of varying difficulty. One short 35 km. and other along 73 km, a drop of about 1.700 meters. to 8 h. will begin delivery of ridges in the Palacio de los Deportes of Logroño and the exit will be the 9 h. Refreshments are: Navarrete (where the march is bifurcated and short tour participants return to Logroño), Albelda, Clavijo y Alberite. The goal is at the Palacio de los Deportes de Logroño.


Each entry is assigned to a back test. These numbers will be delivered during the week prior to the test at the Palacio de los Deportes, notify all registered days and delivery times. They can also be picked up the day of the test, he 29 of April, starting at 8 h. in the Palacio de los Deportes. To pick is essential to provide identification or proof of registration (wherein the assigned bib number appears).

EYE! All numbers lats enter a Prize draw that will detail shortly.
*If the winners are not present, the organization will be in touch with them to give them their gifts and gift list will be published on the website of
The deadline for claims gift is three months from the date of the draw.

For children

Younger have a Gymkana CHILD, next to the Palacio de los Deportes, with fun tests to be overcome by our volunteers. Remember that you have to bring your bike (without training wheels) and helmet and age to participate is 5 a 12 años.

OUR OBJECTIVE SOLIDARITY: R.D. del Congo. La Marcha BTT Carlos Coloma with Cooperates known for its spirit of solidarity, in previous years we have helped educational projects in Ecuador, Senegal o RD del Congo, This year we return to DR Congo support and your help girls who have been sexually assaulted and are being addressed within a program organized by Cooperates in the South Kivu. You can see more about this project by following this link:
If you can not come to that day, You can also collaborate with us through the dorsal 0.

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