The NGO Coopera's mission is to move human education and personal development, investing in the education & oacute; n as the engine of progress. Adem & aacute; s working on cooperation projects & oacute; n in different pa RIVER countries, They are also very important the work of awareness and education for development conducted at national level.

In this field, nuetras main projects are:

The 'Study Solidarity Olympics’ The series of exhibitions' Watch and Think’ The European project Get up and Goals


Watch and Think It is an awareness project that uses the photographic language or images to provoke reflection on the world around us. This exhibition series was conceived among our volunteers who wanted to mostar the rest of society different 'lives’ they had met through their participation in various labor camps. The photographs themselves did, the letters and mails sent to friends and family, as well as other texts such as travel journals or diaries, They constituted the raw material of these exposures. Also it objects brought from South these became part of the cycle, because they are a reflection of that reality we want you to look and think, because LEARN TO WATCH IS LEARNING TO THINK.

The success of this activity is its way of transmitting. The photographs were taken by volunteers from our labor camps in Peru, Mexico, Angola, Senegal o la R. D. del Congo; son, Therefore, images made with the aim and heart. Normally, the staging of these images complemented with personal belongings of the protagonists brought from there by volunteers, such as toys made by children in Angola, tables and desks Senegalese schools, work tools Women Congo or Guatemala… It is an activity funded by the Ministry of Foreign Action of the Government of La Rioja.

Actually, the cycle’ Watch and Think’ It consists of ten samples. Luis Miguel Belvis, Ana Rita Rodrígues and Mercedes Vall are the authors of photographic samples.

Follow this link to see all the exhibits that are part of MIRA AND THINKS


The Olympic Solidarity Study © is an innovative action-raising and education for development through which young people and businesses can participate and engage with development cooperation projects. This activity, which it has the institutional support of UNESCO through the National Commission for Cooperation of Spain and the French National Commission, He works primarily education in values ​​among young people.

The originality of the project lies in its mechanical or performance: For every hour of study donated by a student, the organization intended Olimpiadad 1 € to the implementation of development cooperation projects, always in the education sector, which they have been selected in each edition.

This activity was organized for the first time this year 2003 in the city of Logroño and today with the participation of more than 50.000 students of 15 European countries, America and Africa.

Read more about the Olympics here


‘Get up and goals’ is a transnational initiative led in Spain by Cooperates ONGD in participating 12 European countries and involving development NGOs, training institutions and public administrations responsible for education policies.

Its main objective is to implement among youth interactive learning focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) adopted 2015 UN to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for its people as part of a new agenda for sustainable development.

To achieve this goal, different educational materials and teaching units for teachers and students develop ONGD cooperating together with all partners of the project will be created. youth initiatives and international training courses for teachers will also promote, among other initiatives, over the three years of the project, and various campaigns visibility and dissemination of results.