Cooperates ONGD presents his exhibition 'Melo Jiguen' Ibercaja room in Logroño

Logroño, 4 September 2017. The Exhibition Hall Ibercaja (San Anton 3, Logroño) hosts from today until 16 September 'Melo Jiguen', the latest photographic exhibition of Coopera ONGD. Director of Ibercaja Cultural Center, love Ciriza, and the director of Coopera, David Chimeno, inaugurated this morning the exhibition, which it is like a box full of color and feelings with a group of Senegalese women. The author of these images is the photographer Mercedes Vall, who made these photographs in the Senegalese town of Malicounda during his trip to the country as a volunteer of the NGO Coopera.

Melo Jiguen means 'Color of Woman' in Wolof (mother tongue of many people in Senegal).  Through 22 photographs shows us the reality of women in this area of ​​Senegal, his job, their everyday objects, the colorful dresses. Portraits are a personal dialogue between the author and models. They are images full of sensitivity and color, sometimes, look pictures

Mercedes Vall, volunteer of the NGO Coopera heart and photographer, captures like no beauty and soul of everyday things, transmits his experience and feelings in each of the photographs that make up this sample.

The exhibition 'Melo Jiguen' is part of the awareness project 'Look and Think' of the NGO Coopera,  which it is formed by a total of 9 exhibition modules,  being the last sample has been incorporated into the cycle.

In 2017, 'Look and Think' focuses on raising awareness on the 5th goal of sustainable development: 'Gender equality and empowerment of women and girls'.  It is a project sponsored by the Government of La Rioja through which we want to familiarize society with Sustainable Development Goals and the work of La Rioja ONGD.

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